Admissions, Registration & Open Houses

Please note that PS 41 is unable to offer private or personal tours for prospective families.

Please check the homepage periodically for all updated information regarding the Kindergarten and Pre-K application processes. Please note that we do not hold Open Houses for Pre-K.

And be sure to use this website for information and send the Parent Coordinator any additional questions at

We are conscientious about address verification. Your zoned school is where your child's primary residence is. It is not an apartment you own or rent but do not reside in at the time of application/registration, your place of employment, or any other variation. We retain the right to do address investigations and abide by the results of those investigations.

The kindergarten application process is done online through the main DOE website. Your child must be born in 2013 in order to qualify for kindergarten for the 2018/19 school year. Deadline for application was Friday, January 19. Priority in admissions goes first to zoned siblings, then to zoned applicants.

If you received a letter from the DOE giving your child a placement at PS 41 for kindergarten, please call the registrar Doreen at 212/675-2756 (0) to set up an appointment.

For registration inquiries for any grade, e-mail the Parent Coordinator at and the registrar at or call Doreen at 212/675-2756 ('0")

If you have a child entering the public school system starting in the fall of 2018 in grade 5 and you move into what is the zone for the new school, PS 340,  the Office of Student Enrollment will determine which school your child will be assigned to.

PS 41 is projected to have two Pre-Kindergarten sections for the 2018/19 school year, with a total of 36 seats available. The classes will be full day, following regular school hours. Priority is given to zoned siblings; after that, zoned applicants. A computerized lottery is done for any seats left after zoned siblings are accommodated. You are encouraged to apply broadly to Pre-K programs in order to maximize your chance of getting a seat somewhere of your choice.

Your child must be born in 2014 to qualify for a seat in Pre-Kindergarten next year. The application period for Pre-K starts on February 5.

At this time, there are no Open Houses scheduled for Pre-K.