Science Curriculum by Grade
Kindergarten Science Curriculum
1st Grade Science Curriculum
1st Grade Green STEM Curriculum
2nd Grade Science Curriculum
2nd Grade Green STEM Curriculum
3rd Grade Science Curriculum
3rd Grade Green STEM Curriculum
4th Grade Science Curriculum
5th Grade Science Curriculum

We are lucky to have a team of teachers in our science department.  If you have any questions, please contact:

Kate Unger:  Kindergarten-2nd Grade Joaquin Rodriguez: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade,5th Grade
Vicki Sando: Green Roof and Science Enrichment (STEM)

This page features some of the amazing science work that is being done by our wonderful teachers & students. Also, we plan to feature any science related event that is happening in our community.  Please feel free to email Vicki Sando at if you have science or environmental information you would like to share.

PS41 is very fortunate to have a team of science teachers who are extremely dedicated in teaching our students science and its direct real-world applications through inquiry and hands-on investigations by following the New York City K-5 Science Scope & Sequence and FOSS Science Curriculum. In addition, we offer a unique Green STEM program, which blends social studies, science, engineering, and environmental issues incorporating project-based learning. Students work in teams to design, construct, test, and evaluate various challenges that are presented to them. Our green roof and school garden offer opportunities for students to observe nature and conduct experiments outside of our science classrooms. Besides our student’s 3x a week scheduled science classes, we also offer free after-school enrichment programs such as our Urban Eco-Club, STEM Club, and the Highline After-School Program. Our children will experience a world full of environmental challenges, so it is imperative that we give them the tools they will need to solve complex challenges they will certainly face.

Kindergarten: Learning the parts of a tree

First Grade STEM Challenge: Testing a food container for strength


Second Grade STEM Challenge: Building a Bridge

Third-Grade STEM Challenge: Air Pollution Monitor


Third-Grade STEM Biomimicry Challenge: Design a simple tool based on an Amazon animal

Discovering swallowtail butterfly larvae on the green roof!