Field Trips - Guidelines for Chaperones

At PS41, we believe that field trips provide a valuable educational experience for students.  The students experience “being there” and they are better able to connect their current learning to past and future experiences.  Field trips increase student knowledge and understanding of a subject and add realism to the topic of study. 

Teachers take their students on a number of field trips throughout the year.  Many are within walking distance of school but they are also permitted to utilize buses or public transportation.  Prior to any field trip, parents will be notified of the trip with a description of the trip and an explanation of any fees involved.  Parents must grant permission for their child to attend.  Permission slips will be sent home in the backpack folder or will be posted to the teacher's classroom page (depending on your teacher's preference).  If the teacher does not get this permission slip signed and returned, the child may not go on the trip.  He or she will be assigned to another classroom during the time of the class trip.

The Main Office cannot accept last minute phone notice, fax transmissions or emails.

Guidelines for Chaperones
Without the help of volunteer chaperones, most field trips would not be possible. Thank you very much for giving your time and support to these important activities.  In order to help ensure that school-sponsored field trips result in safe and rewarding experiences for all participants, we have prepared these guidelines to provide information about volunteering as a field trip chaperone:

There is a limit to the number of chaperones which your teacher will let you know about in advance.  Teachers will make their best effort to schedule all parents who wish to chaperone on at least one field trip during the year.

Prior to the field trip, the classroom teacher will provide you with information regarding the activities planned for the trip, expectations for supervising students, and emergency procedures. In addition, the following general guidelines will help you effectively perform your duties as a chaperone.  If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please talk to the teacher or Parent Coordinator.

1.  All school rules apply on school-sponsored field trips.  Chaperones are expected to comply with school policies, follow the directions given by the coordinating teacher, work cooperatively with other volunteers and school staff members, and model appropriate behaviors for students.  The chaperone will follow the trip plan developed by the teacher.

2.  In order to comply with school policy, before or during the field trip, chaperones:

  • may not use or possess alcohol or other drugs

  • may not use tobacco in the presence of, or within the sight of, students

  • may not administer any medications, prescription or nonprescription, to students.

3.  Students must be supervised at all times while at a school-sponsored event.  As a chaperone, you will supervise a small group of students, helping them learn and making sure they behave appropriately. Students must stay with you, their chaperone, at all times.  Go over use of the buddy system with students under your care.  Account for all participants regularly and before changing activities.  Be sure you know when and where to meet the rest of your group at the end of the visit.  Chaperones must be readily available, be mindful of safety concerns, and respond to students’ needs.  Do not use your cell phone for non-emergency or non-trip related purposes.  Please do not conduct outside work or read while you are supervising students.  We also ask that you refrain from chatting with other adults while you are supervising children.

4.  School rules related to student behavior apply.  Go over rules and standards of behavior, safety rules, and any site specific rules with students.  Ensure that students do not get involved in any extra activities not pre-approved by the teacher.  While you are there to support appropriate behavior, it is the responsibility of the teacher to discipline a student.

5.  Eating and drinking are not permitted outside of designated areas and predetermined times.

6.  For the protection of both the student and the chaperone, chaperones should not place themselves in situations in which they are alone with a student. 

7.  Siblings and family members may not participate in a school sponsored field trip.   

8.  Please follow the directions of the docents and guides even if other groups do not.

9.  All chaperones must leave with the group from school and return to school with the group after the trip.  You cannot bring your child separately or leave separately.

Safety is of paramount importance on trips and the supervising teacher is the final arbiter of any decisions that have to be made. 

If any chaperone feels that he/she is unable to support our guidelines, please tell the classroom teacher immediately and another chaperone will be found to fill your place.  We appreciate your cooperation.