Arrival & Dismissal

School Hours
8:40am-3:00pm (2:50pm for Pre-K)
School begins promptly at 8:40 am.  
Doors open at approximately 8:34 am.  

Arrival Procedures
Morning drop off is a busy time at PS41 as over 700 students enter the building and walk to their classrooms.   To ensure everyone's safety there are clear guidelines set out below for parents and children to follow.   Because these guidelines are strictly enforced, the children know what to expect and arrive at the classroom to start the day.

During the first week of school please allow an extra few minutes for drop-off as parents and children become familiar with the routine. 

Only Pre-K and Kindergarten students enter through the main entrance of the school during regular morning drop-off.  Pre-K and Kindergarten parents are welcome to escort their children to the classroom but they must drop them off in front of the classroom door and leave promptly. Please help children develop independence by allowing them to go to the classroom and take off their jackets and backpacks by themselves. Please refrain from engaging the teacher in conversation and allow the teachers to welcome and settle all the children. After the first month, only Pre-K parents will be allowed to drop off their children at the classroom doors.

1st through 5th Graders
1st through 5th graders enter at the "flagpole entrance" on the SW corner of 11th Street and 6th Avenue.  No parents are allowed in this entrance.  

Morning Events/Family Mornings
When there is a morning event scheduled, parents must enter through the main entrance where they will be required to check in.  During regular school hours, all adults are required to go to the main entrance and show photo ID to enter the building.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  The security of the children is paramount.

PS41 has a very strict policy concerning lateness.  Children who arrive even a few minutes late often feel out of step with their classmates.  Their classmates in turn are distracted by children arriving after the class has settled.  PS41 is rated by the Department of Education (DOE) on its attendance and lateness records, so chronic absenteeism and lateness reflect poorly on the school.

If you arrive later than 8:50am, you will have to sign your child in at the security desk and then he or she will go up to class.  Per DOE requirements, each late arrival is noted on your child's report card and remains part of his or her academic record.   A history of chronic lateness has very negative consequences for a child's promotion to the next grade, as well as impacting middle school admissions.  If a child is chronically late, the DOE mandates that an attendance officer contact the family. 

Early Morning
Parents can drop off their children beginning at 7:45am in the cafeteria.  Any child dropped off early is welcome to breakfast free of charge.  Parents are not permitted to stay with their children during this time.  There are staff members in the cafeteria who will help the children with their breakfast and help them get to class.

Dismissal Procedures
At dismissal time, we ask for cooperation and support in ensuring that a large number of students all get released safely and securely. Like the drop-off guidelines, the guidelines set out below are strictly enforced to ensure that pick-up is safe.  Dismissal is at 3:00pm for Kindergarten through 5th Grade.   

Pre-K students, accompanied by a teacher, are dismissed at 2:50pm by the flagpole entrance located on West 11th Street and 6th Avenue.
Kindergarten through 4th Grade
Children, accompanied by a teacher, assemble by classroom in the big yard.   Parents and caregivers wait outside the yard on Greenwich Avenue and then enter through the date, pick up the children, and leave through the same gate. When entering and exiting the gate please stay to the right.  In inclement weather, there will be a rapid outdoor dismissal.  Dismissal will only be inside if the Greenwich Avenue playground is unusable.

5th Grade  
5th grade students are dismissed in front of the school building on West 11th Street.  5th graders are not permitted to leave the front of the building without a parent or a person on the blue card emergency contact card unless his or her parent has provided written permission to the teacher and the administration.  

For security reasons the main entrance on West 11th Street and the back gate on Greenwich Avenue cannot be open at the same time.  At 2:35pm, the front and side doors of the school are locked.  Therefore it is not possible or allowed to enter the building through the front entrance between 2:35pm and 3:10pm while the yard gate is open.  No one is allowed to pick up children from the main office after 2:35pm.

It is not possible or allowed to enter the main entrance of the school and cross through the school to the yard pick up children.   Nor is it allowed to pick up your child in the yard and head through the building to exit from the front of the school. Adults are not allowed to come into the building to use restrooms at dismissal. Please make sure your caregiver understand these rules.

Who Can Pick-Up Your Child
In the beginning of the school year the teachers will ask you to fill out a form designating who will be picking up your child each day.  Children will only be released to parents or guardians, or to a person you list on your form.  (This is separate from the blue emergency cards.)   If you need to have your child picked up by someone else not designated on the form, you must send in a note with your child that day to your child's teacher.  The note should specify the name and phone number of the person picking up. The person must bring ID.   No exceptions will be made.   Please do not phone the office to make last-minute switches.  

In the event that the regularly assigned adult is unable to pick up a child from school, the parent/guardian must notify the school before 12pm.  In cases such as these, only adults listed on the blue card are authorized to pick up the child from school.  Any deviation from the adults listed on the blue card (or any change in dismissal) requires written notification signed by the parent.  If you must make a last minute change, send any changes in dismissal that have not be conveyed to the teacher via a note to before 12 noon.  Dismissal requests will not be processed after 12 noon.  

In the case of a real emergency, please call the main office at 212-675-2756.

Don’t Be Late 
Pre-K students must be picked up at 2:55pm.  All other students must be picked up promptly at 3:00pm.  PS 41 does not have staff to supervise children after school is dismissed.   If a parent or caregiver is late for pick-up, the teacher walks the child into the cafeteria.   A school employee sits with the child until a parent, or someone on the blue card, comes to sign the child out.   After approximately 15 minutes the child is brought to the main office.   If the school receives no word from a parent and a child is left for an extended period of time, the school must send the child to the local 6th police precinct so that the child stays safe and secure until a parent arrives.   The precinct is located at 233 W. 10th St. between Hudson & Bleecker Streets (212-741-4811).  Parents who are chronically late will be instructed to enroll their children in an afterschool program.

Early Pick-Up
Do not pick your child up early unless absolutely necessary.  Tracking down individual children during the school day is disruptive for staff and students.  You should schedule a child's routine doctor and dental appointments after school hours.  In the event that you need to pick up your child prior to the end of the school day, please notify your child's teacher in writing beforehand.  You must bring your photo ID and sign in with security at the main entrance before the front doors are locked at 2:35pm.  Then go to the main office and sign your child out.  Your child will be brought to you in the main office.  Remember to bring photo ID or you will not be admitted into the school.  Students are only released to adults who are listed on the child’s blue emergency contact card. 

Playing in the School Yard After Dismissal
The gate to enter the school building via the cafeteria is closed at 3:10pm.   At this point the yard becomes open to the public.  Children and their guardians are free to play in the yard until 6:00pm.  The school is not responsible for children playing in the yard after school is dismissed.   As in any playground, all children should be supervised by a responsible adult while playing in the yard. Because pick-up is crowded and busy, please do not allow children to play ball, scooter, skateboard, etc during dismissal.