Emergency Procedures & School Closings

Parents should register with Notify NYC to receive information abut emergency events by email or text.  

All New York City schools are required to follow the General Response Protocol (GRP.)  PS41 administration and staff have been trained to respond should an emergency incident occur. Drills of various types - evaucation (know as fire drills), lockdown and shelter-in - are conducted periodically so that students and staff know what to do in the event of an emergency.  Teachers prepare students to participate in each type of drill. The training is designed to be age appropriate and to ensure that students understand the importance of these drills without undergoing unnecessary alarm.

The process of securing the safety of over 800 students and staff members is complex.  Should an emergency occur please do not call or come to the school.  Parents should call 311 or log on to the DOE website.  If the school is evacuated for any reason, the evacuation site will be posted on the DOE website.  

We will also do our best to post information on this website, depending on the circumstances.

Once the students are safely at the evacuation location, they will be released to their designated family members.

Fire and Lockdown Drills
The Board of Education requires twelve fire drills over the course of the school year, including 8 before the end of November.  We take safety very seriously at PS41.  We also conduct two lockdown drills each year.

School Closings
In the event of inclement weather or emergency situations, please call 311 for updates. Parents can also tune to NY1 on cable television, WNYC (820 am) or WINS (1010) Radio, or access the Board of Education website for information. Do NOT call the school directly. Please refer the Board of Education school calendar for standard school closings.