Medical Information

The school nurse can help you with any medical needs or questions.  The nurse's office is located on the first floor in Room 105 and can be reached at 212-675-2756, extension 2.

If your child becomes ill or is injured at school,  you will be notified by the nurse's office.  If you are required to pick up your child, please make arrangements to have the child picked up immediately. Remember a photo ID will be required to enter the school to pick up your child. Our nurse’s office or main office is not equipped to handle a sick child for hours on end.

Blue Cards

Keep blue emergency cards updated — although we may take a child to the hospital in the case of an emergency, a physician cannot treat a child unless a parent or guardian is present. The school must have a way to reach parents at all times.

Parents of a child with a severe food allergy should notify the school nurse, his or her teacher and the administration immediately.  Hot lunch distributed by the PS41 cafeteria is peanut-free however, the cold lunch option includes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread.  Parents of children with food allergies should make arrangements to provide their own child with a treat or snack when classroom celebrations are held. Other parents who are providing food for the entire class cannot be responsible for ensuring that the food they bring is appropriate for a child with allergies. 

Parents can help control the spread of disease by keeping children home when signs of illness appear. Please let the administration and your child's teacher know about any illness that keeps your child home for more than three (3) days and provide a note from your child's doctor.

Children are required by the Department of Education to be immunized. At registration, a parent must produce immunization records. If there are medical reasons why a child can not be immunized, a parent must supply the Department of Education documentation from the child’s doctor. If a parent denies immunizations for religious or other reasons, they must provide a detailed explanation to the Department of Education. The Department of Education retains the right to approve or deny this request. If the request is denied, a child will not be allowed to attend school.

If your child has an injury that requires him/her to use crutches or casts, you MUST provide the nurse’s office with a note from the attending physician that states that the child is able to navigate the stairways independently in the case of an emergency.

The school may determine that the child must remain on the ground floor in a classroom and have work brought in.

Lice are a fact of life in all schools.  Early detection is the key to preventing the spread of lice throughout a class.  The PS41 PTA pays for professional lice checkers to screen all the students several times a year.  A child cannot remain in school if he or she has evidence of live lice.  As a courtesy, please let your child's teacher know if you child has developed a case of lice.  Click here for more information about Lice Detection.

Only the school nurse can administer medication to students.  Teachers and staff are prohibited from dispensing any medication to students.  In order for any medication to be given, a 504 form must be filled out and given to the school nurse. Click here to download.