Guidance, IEP Team & Other Support Services

For a list of our staff members, please click here.

Our School Counselors are available for general consultation as well as crisis intervention. For more information about upcoming workshops or resource, click here.  Bob Caputo also handles middle school matriculation for 5th graders and is the Coordinator for Special Education.  His office is Room 412.

IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
Every child who receives mandated special education or related services has an IEP.  This includes special education students in the ICT class, and children in general education classes who receive Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS), Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Mandated Counseling.  Parents and staff meet periodically to review the IEP and make sure the children are progressing toward stated goals.  Our School Implementation Team (SIT) has an office on the second floor in the gym.

Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) (formerly “Resource Room”)
This program offers intervention in reading, math, grapho-motor skills, and organizational skills. This program is for grades 1-5. Your child must be evaluated by the IEP Team to determine eligibility and specific need.  Our SETSS teachers are located in Room 403.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

We have occupational and physical therapists on our staff.  They are located in Room 339a.

Speech Therapy
Our speech therapists are located in Room 303.

English Language Learners
Our ELL (English Language Learners) teacher is located in Room 339.

AIT (Academic Intervention Team)
The Academic Intervention Team (AIT) works with the classroom teacher to provide academic intervention services to students who are at risk of not meeting grade level performance standards. An intervention specialist (IS) is assigned to the student and classroom teacher.

In conjunction with the classroom teacher, the AIT and IS develop an intervention plan for each target student. The AIT meets approximately every 6 weeks to evaluate student progress.

These intervention services are provided as an initial step to support student learning. If it is determined that these services are not sufficient, the AIT may refer the child to the Pupil Personnel Team (PPT). The AIT is comprised of the Principal, Assistant Principals, intervention specialists, and service providers.

Please note that academic intervention services are subject to the availability of funding and personnel.

PPT (Pupil Personnel Team)
The PPT is the final step in the process of supporting students, academically and emotionally. Members of the PPT determine if a student should be evaluated by the CSE (Committee on Special Education) for an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). A student cannot receive an IEP with CSE-mandated services until he/she has gone through the process of review by the PPT. Members of the PPT include the Principal and Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselors, service providers, and the IEP Team.

For more information on what it means for your child to have an IEP, contact our school psychologist, Dr. Sherri Victor.

Integrated Co-Teaching Class (ICT)
Our ICT class is a model for the entire New York City school system. At PS41 each grade has one ICT class, which has one full time general education teacher and one full time special education teacher.

In the ICT classes, the ratio is approximately 60% general education students and 40% special education students. Our inclusion classes provide the same curriculum as our other classes, with the added benefit of a higher staffing ratio and a great deal of support.

The Committee for Special Education (CSE) places the children who are on the special education side of the ICT class. The school administration places the children on the general education side of the ICT class. Children on the general education side must model excellent behavioral and learning habits — and cannot be receiving any special services themselves to be in a ICT class.  For more information, click here.

Instructional Coaches
We have two full-time Literacy Coaches, Susan Ngai (PreK-3) and Jamie Hillegass (Gr. 4-5).  Our assistant principal, Hetal Patel, is also our Math Coach for Grades PreK-1.  We also have a part-time Math Coach, Anne Krissoff, who works with Grades 2-5. 

We have twelve paraprofessionals on our team.