PTA Mission Statement
The PS41 PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is made up of every parent, every guardian and every teacher at PS41.  The PTA Executive Board is a group of parent volunteers, elected yearly in the spring, who work with the PS41 community to support the vision of the school through fundraising and the implementation of programs and initiatives. 

Our goal is to foster a welcoming community for all PS41 families and to support diverse enrichment programs for our children throughout the school year.  With the help of the PS41 community, we are able to fund the arts and enrichment programs for which our school is known. 

Last year the PTA funded part or all of art, music, dance, drama, chess, National Dance Institute, a nature garden, literacy and math support and enrichment, professional development for our teachers and much more.  We organize many cherished annual community events for both families and just for grown ups. These events help us get to know each other as a community and raise the necessary funds for these programs. Our Family Giving Fund and Annual Auction & Gala are the two biggest fundraisers followed by many events which include the ever-popular Monster Mash, Winter Wonderland, Spring Fling, Family Portraits Weekend, Book Fairs and more. 

EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Our collective participation enables the vibrant community of PS41 to continue to grow and thrive.  Every dollar we donate and collect goes toward enriching every student's education. And every time we volunteer our time or services at an event, in the PTA office, or behind-the scenes, we ensure that our children experience the excellent programs, resources and enrichment for which PS41 is known for. 

PTA Meetings
PTA General Meetings are held 10 times a year, usually once a month, are open to all and are always an excellent way to keep up with what’s happening. While we strive to communicate all critical information through emails, flyers, newsletters, website, etc., there is no way for us to replicate the benefit of in-person participation at PTA meetings. In order to have an ongoing and productive dialogue with our members, we need your in-person participation at our general meetings. 

Kelly Shannon, our principal, typically speaks at every meeting and there is no better way to keep informed about your child’s education than by hearing her speak. 

If a parent has a specific issue that he or she would like discussed at a General Meeting, please inform the PTA Co-Presidents or Co-Recording Secretaries before the meeting, so that, if appropriate, the issue may be placed on the agenda.

PTA General Meetings are announced on this website and in the weekly bulletins.  

PTA Executive Board
The PTA Executive Board is a group of parent volunteers, elected yearly in the Spring, who govern the PTA according to its accepted bylaws. The PTA Exec Board works with the PS41 community to support the vision of the school through fundraising and the implementation of programs and initiatives.

The PTA Executive Board meets monthly usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

(Effective July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018) 

Maya Brewster-Dorian & Erin Peter

Amanda Gelber & Gillian Sowell 

Co-Assistant Treasurers
Liz Grove & Alex Singal

Co-Recording Secretaries
Amy Chang & Jessica Sevita

Co-First Vice Presidents
Stella Chang & Laura Reilly

Co-Second Vice Presidents
Elissa Hason & Jaselle Williams

Co-Vice Presidents of External Fundraising
Jessica Contrastano & Lucinda Corson

Co-Vice Presidents of Internal Fundraising
Ana Ellis & Rosrin Srethapramote

Co-Vice Presidents of Parent Relations & Hospitality
Danika Gould & Emily Rann

Co-Vice Presidents of Publicity & Communications
Ereka Dunn & Mar Fitzgerald

Co-Corresponding Secretaries
Leslie Azose & Elizabeth (Libby) Graf

PTA Budget
Each Spring, the PTA Executive Board reviews the expenses of the current school year, determines the anticipated expenses of the upcoming school year, and meets with the Principal to establish a budget for the coming year. The Principal asks the PTA to supplement costs that are not covered in the allotment given to the school by the Department of Education. Once approved by the Executive Board, the budget is presented to the general membership at the June General PTA meeting.  A majority of those attending must approve the budget. Once the budget is approved, parents have made a commitment to raising the funds, whether by personal donations or fundraising initiatives.  The budget may be amended by vote at any General PTA meeting. 

PTA Bylaws
The PTA Bylaws were revised and approved at the PTA Meeting on October 16, 2014.