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Welcome to the PS41 Dance Program!

I am Tiffany Kraus and this is the eighth year I have been teaching and developing this program. Here at PS 41, all students in Grades K-2 and 4-5 take dance class as a part of their required academic curriculum.  The students will be learning various forms of movement and dance.  Through movement, each student develops physically and cognitively through coordination exercises, stretches, games and dance techniques.  Not only do students increase their physical activity, they also read, write, choreograph, observe, draw and discuss dancing.  The program I have created reaches all learners, as it is visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. Warm up routines are built on brain based dance education which increasing creativity.

Students also connect dance as social, cultural, artistic and expressive, which builds a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art form.  The program adheres to the standards listed in the NYC DOE Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance. The five strands of creating excellence in dance are:  Dance Making, Developing Dance Literacy, Making Connections, Working with Community and Cultural Resources and Exploring Careers and Life Long Learning.   The PS 41 Dance program provides numerous opportunities within these strands.  It is my pleasure to watch the students develop and grow as moving and performing artists.  The Blueprint can be found at:

All students in Grades K-2, 4-5 have dance class with our dance teacher. Kindergarten students receive dance twice each week. Students in Grades 1, 2, 4 and 5 receive dance once each week.

All 3rd Grade students participate in the National Dance Institute 2-week residency in the Spring. Students will learn from an NDI teaching artist once a week for 10 days, culminating in a performance for the whole school and the students' families.

All 4th Grade students participate in our National Dance Institute program each week, beginning in October and ending in June. An NDI teaching artist, assistant and musician teach the students, with a mid-year performance in December and an end-of-year performance in May or June.