Feedback & Updates

Curriculum Meetings
Back to School Night is held at the beginning of the school year. During this evening, the teachers discuss what students will be learning during the year.  Parents are encouraged to review the Curriculum Frameworks that are posted online.  

Family Mornings
Once the school year is underway, your child's teacher will host a "Family Morning" once per month during the school year.  Parents are invited into their childrens' classrooms to observe and participate in their learning. There are also class and grade wide publishing parties and other celebrations throughout the year.  

To maximize safety and productive engagement and minimize overcrowding and distraction for Family Mornings, we are asking that families send ONLY ONE parent or family member to a Family Morning.   Additionally, siblings who are in another class in the school are not permitted to attend.  This is so that all students can continue to participate in their own learning in their own classes. There are Family Mornings during the year designed for both parents to attend.

Meeting with Teachers
Parents are encouraged to meet with their child's teacher(s) but must schedule an appointment to do so with the teacher. We ask parents not to address a specific issue with a teacher at arrival or dismissal (when the teacher needs to be focused on all children in his/her class).

Whenever you have a concern about your child in the classroom, his/her work or behavior, please address the issue with the teacher first. If you have specific concerns about your child in a cluster class (Gym, Computer, Science, Art, and Dance), please arrange to discuss it with that teacher.

Remember that there are always confidentiality issues involved. Speaking to a teacher in front of students or other parents is never appropriate. If necessary, the teacher may refer you to one of the school counselors.

Open School Week
During the month of November, parents are invited to observe their child's class as well as their speciality classes.  More detailed information including a schedule will be distributed by your child's teacher prior to Open School Week.

Parent Teacher Conferences

There are two Parent-Teacher conferences per school year, one in November and one in March (dates subject to change).  Parents are required to attend these conferences and may also meet with speciality teachers (Art, Dance, Gym, Science, Technology.)  Please note that on the days of Parent-Teacher conferences, students are dismissed at 11:45am. Detailed information is distributed by the classroom teacher prior to the conference date.

Report Cards
Parents will receive report cards three times during the year - November, March and June. 

Spring Open School Night

During this evening event, teachers host various workshops including what to expect the following year.

Student Records
Parents have a right to review and obtain copies of their child’s school records. All requests should go through the Main Office.

Testing and Assessments
Teachers regularly assess students’ progress during the school year.  Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades take Statewide Standardized tests in Literacy and Math; 4th Grade students also take the New York State Science Test. For this year’s test dates, please refer to (the NY State Education Department).