Parents' Action Committee (PAC)

The PS41 Parents Action Committee (PAC) was created to give PS41 Parents a resource to learn about and act on political and community issues affecting our school and our children. If you are a parent at PS41, we consider you on the Committee. Why? Because all of us can take action to support our children through educating ourselves on the issues and getting involved at any time. The PAC welcomes your comments, questions, ideas and energy!

We feel that information is critical in helping parents understand what's going on in our school and how policy directly affects the education your child is receiving. When you understand the policies, you can make an informed decision and effect change, support opportunities and make things better for our kids.

We believe the system needs to be understood, sometimes questioned, and that our children need to always be supported. The PAC has supported some notable recent successes: zoning changes, 75 Morton Street being bought for a school, a new public elementary school at the Foundling Hospital and more. These things only happened because parents showed up at meetings, wrote their elected officials, attended rallies — basically making their voices and our children’s needs heard.

What we really need is the involvement of our parents, in large and small ways. We can only make a difference if we speak out together. Join our Google Group ( to get updates from us, raise questions or topics, and contribute, or e-mail us at  

Once you have joined the group, please do sign petitions and send emails when we put out the word — they make a big difference!

Jeff Metzler
PAC Chair

Issues for 2016-2017

School Funding
In 2016-2017, PS41 received only 87% of its Fair Student Funding as a result of perennial under funding for education by New York State and City.  The PAC is working to educate parents on the complexities around school funding and to make our voices heard to ensure that all students receive the education funding guaranteed to them by the NYS Constitution.

New Middle School at 75 Morton Street
Thanks in large part to community activism, a new middle school is scheduled to open in the West Village for the 2017-2018 school year.  Conversations will be taking place this year around issues including the school’s theme, admissions process, and leadership, sponsored by the Community Education Council District 2 (CEC2), the 75 Morton Community Alliance, and others.

Character Curriculum
The PAC is incredibly thankful for PS41's leading efforts in working towards more formally integrating the conscious teaching of character in our school.   We agree that this focus will not only make for happy, successful children emotionally, but also academically.

School Testing
In recent years, standardized testing has become an increasingly important part of public education, with implications for teaching and learning, teacher evaluations, and school report cards, as well as the amount of instructional time students spend taking and preparing for tests. Testing deserves a continued conversation.

The Common Core Standards
The Common Core Standards Initiative is a U.S. education initiative that seeks to bring diverse curricula into alignment with each other by following the principles of standards-based education reform.

Traffic Safety
The PAC is seeking to improve traffic safety around PS41 by encouraging the City’s Department of Transportation to extend the West Village Slow Zone from Seventh Avenue to Sixth Avenue and to redesign Seventh Avenue to make the street crossings safer for our children (and everyone else!).

What else do you want to discuss and learn more about? Let us know! Email