Music Committee


The Music Committee is a dedicated group of PS41 parents working in concert (pun intended!) with Principal Kelly Shannon to develop a dynamic curriculum, launching later this year as a pilot with grades K-3.  Lessons will be integrated into existing coursework (e.g., social studies, character months) in an organic way, rather than through a traditional music class model.

Why you ask?  Music provides cultural educationMusic improves brain function.  Music is part of the fabric of Greenwich Village.  And music is fun.

We've already kicked off this initiative by introducing elements of music appreciation into the children's day - through specialty classes, music in the cafeteria, educational window displays, and extracurricular programming.

October is devoted to quintessential New York composers George and Ira Gershwin.  Your kids have been exposed to their music at 41, and now we hope you'll enjoy it at home as a family.  We've broken it down into four Spotify* playlists for your listening pleasure:

1. Symphonic
2. Vocal
3. Instrumental
4. Movies

For more information about the Music Committee or to lend your voice, email

*For those of you who haven't used the music streaming service, here's a little help.  This piece from TIME offers a straightforward "Spotify 101".  For visual learners this fellow's video is short and simple, while this tutorial is a bit longer.