Mission & Motto


Our Mission:

  • Develop student's identities as problem solvers

  • Strengthen student's social, emotional, and decision-making skills

  • Reduce behavioral issues inside and outside of the classroom

  • Practice sustainable habits as green citizens

  • Promote community building at PS 41

  • Increase student achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics

Our Motto: "Be true to yourself"
When you are true to yourself you accept yourself and others for who they are. You express yourself and work hard to achieve your goals, being the best you, you can be. You work as part of a team that brings out the best in each other. You are PROUD to be different.

Why Character Education?
In summarizing studies on the relationship between children’s emotional distress and
achievement behavior, researchers found that students with frequent feelings of internalized distress (e.g. sadness, anxiety, depression)  show diminished academic functioning and those with externalized distress (e.g. anger, frustration, and fear) exhibit school difficulties including learning delays and poor achievement
 .  (Roeser, Eccles, & Strobel, 1998)

Healthy peer relationships predict students’ grades both concurrently and over time (Wentzel & Caldwell, 1997)