PS41 is excited to launch the pilot of the NAO Robotics Club as well as integration into the classroom so all children get a chance to learn coding and develop problem solving skills!

Thank you to all the families who helped raise money through Fund-a-Cause at last year's PS41 Auction.  The funds helped pay for the NAO humanoid robot and coding/programming platform. The NAO Robot is the most widely used humanoid robot for academic purposes worldwide. 

Currently teachers and other members of the faculty are going through a 5-day Professional Development course, lead by TEQ.  This PD course will give PS41 the proper training and resources to develop the robotics program and curriculum.  The goal of this training and partnering with TEQ is to assure that all children leave each session more confident about coding as well as developing the many other skills we hope this program will accomplish.  

PS41 will be launching the pilot of the robotics after school program after winter break.  This technology will not only be limited to the after school program.  The robot will be integrated into grade specific classroom push in lessons, ranging from keyboarding, math, science and many other topics. Michael will work closely with Teachers to find a fun education way to integrate into lessons.  

Bringing coding into everyday life with this program will not only introduce our children to coding and programming it will allow teachers to integrate many new skills in a stimulating setting including team work, problem solving, project management and communication.

nao feautures